As sebaceous glands become overactive and produce excess oil, follicles become plugged, inflamed, causing pimples, nodules and cysts called acne. Although acne is not harmful to health, it can be embarrassing while sometimes leaving moderate to severe scarring. There are acne treatment options and skin care products available that can effectively treat acne and reduce the scarring it causes.

Treatment Options

BBL Acne

The Laser Acne treatment uses two wavelengths that specifically targets and destroys acne-causing bacteria.   Because acne presents itself differently with each person, a customized protocol is written to meet individual needs. A series of treatments are required for best results.

FRAXEL Laser Resurfacing

Fine lines, texture, redness & large pores.

Hydrafacial Acne

The award-winning, non-invasive, anti-aging skin care treatment for healthy, good looking skin.

Peel / Microdermabrasion

Peel away all imperfections. Bring back luminosity to tired, dull looking skin.

Professional Product

Take a look at some of the products that we recommend to help you get the smooth and healthy skin you deserve



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