The Innovation Behind truSculpt® 3D Body Contouring

Once only possible through surgical procedures, body sculpting, body contouring, and fat reduction weren’t simple treatments you could schedule during your lunch hour. Not that long ago, it wasn’t possible to reduce the circumference of your waist, trim fat from your thighs, or get rid of those annoying love handles without undergoing surgery, pain, and a long recovery. But the truSculpt® 3D body-sculpting system has changed all that.

Here at All About Me Medical Day Spa in San Diego, we take great pride in offering the latest, most innovative aesthetic medicine treatments for men and women who want to look and feel their absolute best. That’s why we offer the ease and effectiveness of the truSculpt 3D body-contouring system for adults who want to get rid of excess fat.

Here’s the innovation behind truSculpt 3D body contouring and how it can help you achieve permanent fat reduction without surgery or downtime.

Revolutionary body-sculpting technology

The truSculpt 3D technology is truly a revolutionary system in the world of body sculpting and fat reduction. It uses monopolar radiofrequency (RF) energy to deliver a targeted, uniform treatment for every problem area on your body. Using a handheld device, your aesthetic specialist at All About Me Medical Day Spa targets your excess fat cells in a treatment that feels similar to a hot stone massage.

With truSculpt 3D, there are no applicators that attach to your body or suction in your skin. Instead, your provider gently glides the device across the treatment areas, including:

Treatments with the truSculpt system can reduce the overall circumference around your waist so you get a slimmer, more sculpted silhouette.

Controlled, real-time temperature

Every aesthetic treatment we offer at All About Me Medical Day Spa focuses on helping you achieve your individual results and goals, and the truSculpt 3D body-contouring system is no exception. With your comfort in mind, truSculpt 3D offers real-time temperature control for the most pleasant treatment experience.

During your truSculpt 3D session, your provider slowly and safely increases the temperature of the RF energy to deliver the most effective fat-reducing results. If at any time the treatment feels hotter than you’d like, we simply adjust the temperature for your comfort level.

A multidimensional approach to fat reduction

The truSculpt 3D system is multidimensional because your provider can move the applicator through the entire treatment area for maximum fat-reduction results. As the RF energy reaches the fat cells far below the surface of your skin, it destroys them, and over the next several weeks your body eliminates the fat cells through your lymphatic system. Most men and women need just one 60-minute truSculpt 3D treatment per area to achieve permanent fat reduction.

In fact, during this noninvasive, therapeutic experience, you can expect to reduce an average of 24% of the fat cells in a treated area! That’s a noticeable difference when you’re putting on your favorite pair of jeans or zipping up that special-occasion dress.

Innovative monopolar RF energy targets fat cells

The truSculpt 3D handheld device delivers a proprietary low-frequency, uniform energy to penetrate through your skin to the unwanted fat cells below. This RF energy treats the entire layer of fat from beneath your skin to the muscle below, giving you the most complete and effective fat-reduction treatment. The fat cells experience irreversible damage, which is why your body easily eliminates them.

And once those fat cells are gone, they don’t grow back, so you enjoy permanent results. While you may notice a difference in the appearance of your treated areas as soon as 6-8 weeks after treatment, you’ll see the most dramatic effect at about 12 weeks.

Get tighter skin, too!

As an added bonus to treating fat cells with truSculpt 3D’s innovative RF energy, you’ll also get tighter skin. RF energy is known for its skin-tightening effects because as it destroys fat cells, it also triggers new collagen production and tissue repair. As a result, you not only enjoy a more slender silhouette, but firmer, more youthful-looking skin.

If you’ve considered fat-reduction treatments, but are concerned about your personal comfort level, truSculpt 3D is an ideal solution. It delivers effective, permanent body-sculpting results without downtime or painful treatments. It’s truly a revolutionary way to treat all those hard-to-tone areas of fat.

Are you ready to take the next step toward looking and feeling your best? Give our friendly team a call today to schedule your personalized truSculpt 3D consultation.

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