The Benefits of Dermaplaning

Having a nice and beautiful face is everyone’s goal. Thankfully, dermaplaning is there to assist you with this objective. This exfoliation procedure uses a sterile surgical scalpel to remove all unwanted hair and dirt on your face. It has numerous benefits, which we go over in detail below.

Skin Care Products Absorb Better

Dermaplaning opens up the pores to promote aeration and exposure to the interior of your skin. By doing that, it makes it possible for beauty products to penetrate deeply into the skin.

The skin has the outer and inner layer. Some products target the inner layer of the skin. If you undergo dermaplaning, you will help the epidermis to absorb such products with ease. You can get maximum benefits from such beauty products when you this procedure.

It Evens Skin Texture

Smooth skin can do wonders for your beauty. The process removes all the skin blemishes that can make it rough. It removes all the dirt that can accumulate inside hair pores. It also removes traces of previous acne or scarring. What is left is a smooth face that lights up every time you smile.

It Effectively Removes Dead Skin Cells

The skin is your largest organ. Because of this fact, it is exposed to all manner of issues including weather and injury. Its ability to rejuvenate is dependent on its ability to shed unwanted cells. Damaged and dead skin cells must be removed for the body to replace them.

Dermaplaning does a beautiful job when it comes to removing these cells. The process is safe, simple, and fast. The procedure is so simple that you can carry on with your tasks immediately after the process.

It Removes Facial Hair

Apart from making your skin glow, it also eliminates the unwanted facial hair, or peach fuzz, that women have. This soft facial hair can trap oils and dirt. This dirt can harbor germs and toxins that can irritate your skin. Removing it can prevent all that from happening. Dermaplaning is effective in removing hair and it won’t cause ingrown hairs or irritation.

It Works Well on All Skin Types

Some exfoliation procedures work on certain types of skin and not on others. Dermaplaning is friendly to all skin types. It does not discriminate oily, dry, combination, or moderate skin types. All skin types can receive the full benefits of the procedure.

If you want to receive these and the other benefits of dermaplaning, kindly reach out to us at All About Me Medical Day Spa in San Diego. Our educated staff is always on hand to help you achieve your skin care goals. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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