Refresh Your Appearance with KYBELLA

KYBELLA® is the only injection that has been approved by the FDA to treat submental fullness or fat under the chin. Submental fullness is more commonly known as the double chin. Both men and women can develop double chins. Some people are genetically predisposed to having double chins and thus have them for most of their lives. Other people develop double chins as they grow older and/or gain weight. Exercising and diet, unfortunately, do not always reduce the size of a double chin.

KYBELLA® contains an active ingredient called synthetic deoxycholic acid that breaks down the fat under the chin. Naturally occurring deoxycholic acid is a molecule in the body that helps the body break down and absorb dietary fat.

What Does the Treatment Involve?
The doctor will use a fine needle to inject small amounts of KYBELLA® in different parts of the patient’s chin. The number of injections performed during a single session will depend on the patient’s needs and goals. Most treatment sessions are relatively quick. Most patients need multiple sessions to get the desired results, and they should get only one treatment per month. They should also not undergo any more than six treatments.

Kybella destroys the fat cells under the patient’s chin. Consequently, the results are long-lasting. The patient will, however, have to maintain a healthy weight, for weight gain can undo the effects. At All About Me Medical Day Spa we experience a high patient satisfaction rate with KYBELLA® treatments.

Who is Not a Good Candidate for KYBELLA®?
The ideal candidate for these injections is a healthy adult with realistic expectations.

So far, researchers have not determined if it can be safely used by clients under 18 years old, or if it can be safely used on other parts of the body. Similarly, researchers do not yet know how KYBELLA® will affect a pregnant or nursing woman or her child. A woman who is pregnant or nursing should, therefore, talk to her doctor if she wants to use KYBELLA®.

Patients who plan to undergo surgery on the neck, chin, or face should also talk to their doctor about KYBELLA®. Patients who take medication of any type should inform their doctor beforehand. That includes supplements, prescription medications, and over-the-counter medicines. They should especially tell their doctor if they are taking a medicine that slows or prevents blood clotting.

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