Microdermabrasion in San Diego – What to Expect

If you are looking for professionally administered microdermabrasion in San Diego, All About Me Medical Spa should be your first choice.  We are experts in providing this and many other helpful treatments for men and women who want to tackle skin flaws.  The therapy’s gentle exfoliation of the skin is preferred by people who want a refreshed appearance without the time commitment and invasiveness of other treatments.

What Does the Treatment Help Correct?

Microdermabrasion in San Diego is helpful in correcting various signs of aging and damage, including:

How is Microdermabrasion Preformed?

Microdermabrasion is considered a non-invasive cosmetic procedure.  It is done with a handheld device that removes dead skin cells from your epidermis with gentle, but highly-effective, exfoliation. During your treatment, you will feel a sensation similar to a light scratching, vibration, or massage. Once completed, a soothing moisturizer may be applied to your skin and you will be given further care instructions.

Will I Need Multiple Treatments?

Each individual’s wants and needs are unique.  It is advisable for our clients to have a series of treatment sessions to see optimal results.  However, some people need as few as two sessions with monthly appointments for maintenance.  To figure out the customized treatment plan that is best for you, we will assess your skin and discuss your desired results during your consultation.

Is Microdermabrasion Safe?

In the care of a trained professional, the treatment is very safe.  We strongly advise against using any at-home kits.  There is no reason to risk damage to your skin.  Additionally, home kits are not as effective as professional-grade treatments.

Am I a Good Candidate?

The treatment is suitable for people of all skin types and ages.  It is best for people who have the beginning signs of aging. It is possible to use microdermabrasion in San Diego for preventative care or in combination with other treatments.

If you are interested in a full plan for the regeneration and maintenance of your skin, our staff will be happy to assist you. For more information on microdermabrasion, talk to the experts at All About Me Medical Spa during a consultation at our office in San Diego. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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