Kybella®: The Solution to Double Chin You've Been Waiting For

Ever hear of targeted exercises for the fat under your chin? Believe it or not, there are a few out there, and we’re willing to bet you’ll feel like an awkward ostrich doing them. What’s worse is even after all that jaw jutting, neck stretching, and lip-puckering to make your double chin go away, it’s doubtful you’ll achieve any noticeable results.

Thankfully, there’s an easier way to permanently remove fat under your chin. Here at All About Me Medical Day Spa in San Diego, we provide the latest science-backed and evidence-based aesthetic treatments that deliver the results you’re after. That’s where nonsurgical Kybella® injections come in.

Kybella was FDA-approved in 2015 to improve the appearance of moderate to severe fat below the chin. It’s the surgery-free solution to a double chin you’ve been waiting for. Are you ready to see what Kybella can do for your profile?

Even if you’re not overweight, you might have a double chin

A double chin — also known as submental fat — is frustrating for several reasons.

Genetics doesn’t discriminate

First of all, you can’t always blame your double chin on the fact that you may have gained a few pounds. Genetics also plays a major role in determining whether you develop a double chin, regardless of your weight. Thanks to genetics, your double chin may be making you look heavier than you actually are.

Targeted exercises won’t eliminate your double chin

Second, as we noted earlier, a double chin is rather tough to target through diet and exercise, especially if you’re working against genetics. You can undergo a strict regimen of face-contorting, neck-strutting exercises to no avail.

Additionally, since your body chooses where you lose and store fat, any targeted exercises you do in an attempt to dissuade certain pockets of fat are largely wasted effort. You can do tongue stretches until you’ve overexerted yourself, but if your body likes to store fat under your chin, where the fat will stay.

The natural aging process certainly doesn’t help your cause

Finally, double chins often become more pronounced as you age, and unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot you can do about that. As you get older, your skin gradually loses its underlying support structure of elastin and collagen, leaving your skin loose and susceptible to the effects of gravity. This means that fat gravitates toward places like the area under your chin.

Kybella offers a surgical-free, long-term solution to submental fat

As recently as the last 10 years, the only viable solution for getting rid of a double chin was through surgery to remove fat and tighten your skin — a lower face-lift and neck lift procedure. Although highly effective, surgery is invasive and comes with potential risks and significant downtime. Who has time for that in their busy schedules?

Kybella offers a surgery-free solution using only FDA-approved injectables. The main ingredient in Kybella is synthetic deoxycholic acid. In its natural form, deoxycholic acid is a molecule in your body that helps you break down and absorb fat.

When your provider at All About Me Medical Day Spa injects the deoxycholic acid solution under your chin, it destroys fat cells in that area, leaving them unable to store or accumulate fat. In this regard, Kybella is a permanent solution for reducing your double chin and giving you a slimmer profile long term.

A few treatments and a few months for desired results

Based on your individual needs and the amount of fat under your chin, we customize a Kybella treatment plan just for you. It usually takes several treatment sessions, which we space out every four weeks, and most patients need six treatments to achieve the goal of banishing a double chin. During each session, we inject your chin in different areas to deliver an effective amount of Kybella so it can destroy the unwanted fat cells.

As you progress through your treatments, your submental fat gradually disappears, giving you the more slender profile you desire. A few weeks after your final treatment, your double chin is noticeably improved, and those results are yours to keep, because Kybella takes those fat cells out of action, once and for all.

If you’ve been searching for a solution to finally get rid of your double chin without resorting to surgery, give us a call to learn more about Kybella. Or book a consultation online, today.

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