Discover Hair Restoration in San Diego with PRFM

When you first notice that your hair that shiny spot on your scalp or that your hair has dramatically thinned, you felt very alone. But the truth is thousands of people in San Diego are suffering with hair loss just like you. Both women and men experience hair loss and try to remedy their condition on their own. Hair restoration is big business with nutritional supplements promising hair growth and medicated creams and shampoos that promising to restore your hair follicles. In reality, there is one non-invasive way for both women and men to regrow their own natural hair: PRFM therapy.

What is PRFM?

Very simply, PRFM is the next generation of PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, which is the part of your blood that is full of growth factors and white blood cells. Standing for platelet-rich fibrin matrix, PRFM enhances PRP with the addition of calcium chloride, which is an important component that encourages hair growth. The calcium chloride is what builds the fibrin matrix. PRFM uses the power of your own blood in order to heal tissues and cells as well as prompt your body to begin the healing process.

The PRFM procedure works exactly the same way as PRP therapy. It begins with a routine blood draw. From there, we will then place your blood sample into a centrifuge, which breaks your blood down into its different parts. Extracting your platelet-rich plasma, we add in the calcium chloride and create an injectable serum.

PRFM for Hair Restoration

Because PRFM is full of that concentrated healing ability in the form of growth factors and white blood cells, once injected into your scalp, it actually heals your damaged or malfunctioning hair follicles. The PRFM will also repair the surrounding tissue as well as prompt collagen production, which also helps your hair grow.

Why Choose PRFM for Hair Restoration

Of the many benefits of PRFM, the best is that you will be re-growing your own hair out of your healed hair follicles. As such, there are no unnaturally looking hair plugs involved. You will have your own natural hair back!

Another benefit of PRFM in San Diego is that it is a completely non-surgical hair restoration option. The whole procedure is relatively short as well, lasting around 20 to 30 minutes with no downtime. As for side effects, there is no risk of an allergic reaction and no ill side effects. If you’re suffering alopecia, female baldness, or have just started losing your hair, you make an excellent candidate for PRFM. We usually recommend around three to four treatments for the best results. It’s also been proven that you can get better results with PRFM versus PRP.

To learn more about PRFM and how it aids in your hair restoration, feel free to get started by making an appointment with All About Me Medical Day Spa! At our convenient location in San Diego, our caring and experienced professionals will be pleased to explain the process in full and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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