Chemical Peel Rosacea Treatments in San Diego

Rosacea is not a serious medical condition, but it certainly does affect how a person looks. It can be cause for a lack of self-confidence, so anything that can reduce its visual appearance is welcomed. However, cleansing and exfoliation won’t do the trick. Stimulating healthy tissue growth is the best bet. Here in San Diego, we often suggest chemical peel rosacea treatments to diminish the appearance of rosacea and certain other forms of hyperpigmentation.

How Chemical Peels Work

When used for rosacea treatments, the idea is to allow the body to choose healthier skin tissue in favor of damaged cells. When a peel treatment is performed, the epidermis and perhaps the middle dermal layers are purposely removed. The body will respond by accelerating the production of skin tissue. Skin moves upward and mutates as it does so. In other words, the epidermal layer is actually formed deeper down beneath the surface.

A peel is performed by applying a specific solution to the surface of the skin. It penetrates slightly below the epidermal layer. After a short period of time, the acid solution is washed away using a specialized solvent. The affected skin cells die and dry up. In the weeks following the treatment, these cells go away in much the same manner that epidermal cells flake off after a mild sunburn. The rush of nutrients to the lower dermal layers and subcutaneous tissues means rapid replacement of skin.

The Consultation is Important

Before we decide to perform a chemical peel for the treatment of rosacea, we need to consult with the client at our office in San Diego and examine the skin closely. We want to see the depth of the discoloration and the overall thickness and health of the skin. This allows us to determine the proper acid to use, the strength of the acid solution, and the amount of time the acid should be allowed to penetrate through the skin layers.

Say Goodbye to Rosacea

This skin condition can’t be cured with some miracle salve or by the application of a peel acid. However, rosacea can be made less apparent when the proper solution is used during rosacea treatments at All About Me Medical Spa in San Diego. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more information!

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