4 Frequently Asked Questions About Microdermabrasion in San Diego

We all want to have skin that looks and feels good, but unfortunately, time can take its toll on our skin in many ways. In addition to aging, our skin is also subjected to pollution, weather damage, and problems stemming from our lifestyle choices. As such, we often need a helping hand to bring out the best in our skin. If you want to enjoy having healthier, softer, glowing skin, you can head to specialist facilities such as All About Me Medical Day Spa in San Diego to find out more about having microdermabrasion. If you do not know much about microdermabrasion, it is worth doing a little research to determine whether this is a solution that could help you. Some common questions about this treatment are provided below.

What Does Microdermabrasion Involve?

This treatment is a pretty simple and straightforward one that provides excellent results. When you come to our office in San Diego, we will cleanse your face to remove excess dirt and oil. Once this is done, we’ll use special processes to exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells from the skin’s surface. By exfoliating the skin in this way, the production of new collagen is encouraged.

How Many Sessions are Required?

The number of treatments required can vary from one person to another. It can vary based on the condition of your skin amongst other things. Usually, those that have microdermabrasion in San Diego have a series of treatment sessions. Once your initial treatment is complete, you may need to attend maintenance sessions to maintain your great look.

Why Have Microdermabrasion?

Some people are keen to know what the benefits of microdermabrasion in San Diego are. First off, it will reveal beautiful, glowing skin that looks and feels great. This can make a huge difference in your appearance, and it can address a range of problems such as sun damage, brown spots, signs of aging, and scarring. Secondly, it can help to boost your self-confidence by improving your appearance.

Is There a Recovery Period?

If you work or you have family commitments and a busy lifestyle, having to take time out to recover can be very inconvenient. When you have microdermabrasion in San Diego, you won’t have to worry about this because you can get back to your normal routine right away.

Getting Microdermabrasion

Would you like to find out whether microdermabrasion is the right choice for you? If so, you can get in touch with the experts at All About Me Medical Day Spa in San Diego, CA. We will be happy to provide you with more information. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with one of our experienced experts.

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